Sep 21, 2014

The Haps

Lately I've been pretty run down.  Just basically sick and stressed and tired and blah.  I think it's partly poor diet, partly the extreme heat, partly a sinus infection, partly Tucker going through a very annoying tantrum and entitlement phase, partly worry over not being able to reach a friend, all mixed together with the actual stress of back to school and knowing Rich is probably being laid off and just trying to make ends meet and get everything done day to day.

I think the most productive thing I've done is to clean up my closet.

This is so me.

We are pretty much settled into the fall schedule.  This will be Jack's last year of high school, and I am going to miss our Wednesday morning late start day time together.

Tantrum in progress.

A few moment's peace as Tucker and Einstein relax under the window fan with a little Harry Potter.

I'm learning that adults go through phases just like kids, and I'm definitely in one!  I'm really looking forward to cooler weather and I'm working on learning to "let go" and enjoy the moment!

Aug 17, 2014


Thursday I became the mother of a high school senior.

A high school senior who towers above me at six foot four to my five foot ten.

In March he will be a legal adult.  He will probably tell me I can't tell him what to do.

I'll still try.

Seems like yesterday I was at Kindergarten orientation with him.

WTF happened?

Jul 16, 2014


Last week Tucker and I met up with friends who were visiting after moving out of state as well as other local pals.  This is Tucker, Kennedy (visiting from Florida) Kassidy, Audrey, and Andrew.

The gang, including moms.

Danelle teaching Tucker to putt.  It was his first time mini golfing, and let's just say he does not have a future in golf.  It's a good thing he's smart because we are not a sporty people.

Jul 15, 2014


Hanging out at Ocean Beach.

Did not put on sunscreen despite mother's suggestion, is now sunburnt.

Dirty feet, wet feet.

Happy lil beach bum.

Father and son.

Jul 14, 2014

Bite Size

I took the layered bar recipe from the Against All Grain cookbook and made it into bite size pieces.  I put pinches of crust in a mini muffin pan and pressed with my thumbs, baked for eight minutes, then added the layers and refrigerated until firm!  Super good and easy portion control....although we ate all of them so I guess not so much on the portion control!

Jun 21, 2014

Top o' the mountain to ya

Recently, we had attempted to hike to the local water tower but only made it about halfway before the dog seemed too hot and we turned around.  On the morning after our anniversary we thought we'd start year seventeen off right by completing the hike.  We left the dog at home, took Tucker, and headed up, and this time we made it - Richard' s first time up and my third!