Aug 17, 2014


Thursday I became the mother of a high school senior.

A high school senior who towers above me at six foot four to my five foot ten.

In March he will be a legal adult.  He will probably tell me I can't tell him what to do.

I'll still try.

Seems like yesterday I was at Kindergarten orientation with him.

WTF happened?

Jul 16, 2014


Last week Tucker and I met up with friends who were visiting after moving out of state as well as other local pals.  This is Tucker, Kennedy (visiting from Florida) Kassidy, Audrey, and Andrew.

The gang, including moms.

Danelle teaching Tucker to putt.  It was his first time mini golfing, and let's just say he does not have a future in golf.  It's a good thing he's smart because we are not a sporty people.

Jul 15, 2014


Hanging out at Ocean Beach.

Did not put on sunscreen despite mother's suggestion, is now sunburnt.

Dirty feet, wet feet.

Happy lil beach bum.

Father and son.

Jul 14, 2014

Bite Size

I took the layered bar recipe from the Against All Grain cookbook and made it into bite size pieces.  I put pinches of crust in a mini muffin pan and pressed with my thumbs, baked for eight minutes, then added the layers and refrigerated until firm!  Super good and easy portion control....although we ate all of them so I guess not so much on the portion control!

Jun 21, 2014

Top o' the mountain to ya

Recently, we had attempted to hike to the local water tower but only made it about halfway before the dog seemed too hot and we turned around.  On the morning after our anniversary we thought we'd start year seventeen off right by completing the hike.  We left the dog at home, took Tucker, and headed up, and this time we made it - Richard' s first time up and my third!

Jun 19, 2014


Richard and I had been wanting to try a new local restaurant called Bo-Beau, and when I logged onto their website to make a reservation I knew it was the right choice.  I've always been pretty Bohemian,  and I strive to be chic (lol!) and my husband was all about Industrial nightclubs and still loves that music and scene, yet has always loved elegance in a way I never got. The tagline seemed like our relationship.

Rich right after we were seated on the beautiful patio.

Water and iced tea.

We had been told by those in the know that the brussels sprout appetizer was the thing to get, and it did not disappoint.  Sprouts, balsamic drizzle, parmesan, and pancetta in a delicious combo.  I couldn't stop eating them.

Even though it was my anniversary I was trying to keep it pretty Paleo.  I got the pork shank, which came with broccolini, a yummy bacon topping of some sort, and mashed potatoes (okay, Paleoish).

Richard got the also much reccomended buttermilk fried chicken, with roasted corn, polenta, siracha sauce, and watermelon.

Everything was so good!

We walked around the Farmer's Market happening around the corner, and Richard bought me flowers, and then we walked around a local shopping center just passing time.

We wrapped up the evening with a total splurge, double decker ice cream cones, and toasted to the start of year seventeen of our marriage!

Jun 16, 2014

Friday the 13th

On Friday (the 13th) about mid-day I learned that the tattoo shop where I recently got inked was having a Friday the 13th special in which you could get any one inch tattoo for $13, I texted my husband and he was totally gung ho.  We quickly decided to go with the Gallifreyan symbol (Gallifrey is the planet Doctor Who hails from) and we went and people watched and waited three hours for our turn with the ink and needles.  Another hour later, we were marked for life!

We strolled around the corner to a cool sausage restaurant and had dinner, about nine at night!

He had a sausage on pretzel bun and fries, I had a sausage on greens with brussel sprouts on the side.

My favorite nights are the ones full of adventure like this!!!!