Feb 17, 2015


I love the spirulizer I got myself for Christmas!  About once a week I make "noodles" out of zucchini.

So fun!

I usually whip up a faux alfredo sauce out of raw cashews, almond milk, garlic and a little lemon juice, and cook up some sausage.  Sooooo good.

This night we had it with caprese salad that featured the cheese we helped make in cheese class!

Feb 16, 2015

Feb 15, 2015

Cheesiest Date Ever

This is my grass fed burger and kale salad from Burger Lounge, where Richard and I went for dinner on a date night recently, before heading to the main event - a cheese making class I had surprised him with for Christmas, since it has always been a goal of his to make cheese.

Dinner selfiie.

Cheese class selfie.

Stolen kiss.

Ready to learn.

There were lots of samples, that was my favorite part!

More sampling.  We must have tried about ten different cheeses throughout the night.

Rich helps stretch the cheese.

The finished product, two mozarella balls.

Feb 14, 2015

Yummy Treat

Richard found these gems at Target, just $1.99, and the ingredients are coconut, coconut nectar, and unsweetened chocolate.  That's it, and they are totally delish.

Feb 13, 2015


Rich recently heard about a new restaurant called S&M (Sausage and Meat) and when I heard about the adventurous homemade sausage flavors and meat theme, I had to go.  Our friends Anna and Ben are always up for a culinary adventure, and we made a double date of it.

Bacon fat deviled eggs

Rosemary garlic bacon and Hickory bacon.

a sweet potato salad

my whiskey with bacon

wild boar and pineapple portugese sausages

pigs ears

chocolate covered bacon and brown sugar bacon

EVERYTHING was delicious!