Dec 5, 2014

Frozen at Target

Tucker is a big fan of Frozen.  I have a special Pandora station I listen to in the car when Tucker is with me, and when "Let It Go" plays he demands nobody but him can sing along.  He says he's practicing for the school talent show next year.  Last weekend we strolled into Target and Tucker immediately noticed a sign saying you could take your picture with a frozen backdrop, and I told him we'd keep an eye out for it as we shopped.  A while later, we heard an announcement that the Frozen event was ending in five minutes and it was your last chance to take a picture, and to head over to the girls department.  We hustled, and Tucker's eyes grew wide when he saw an Elsa princess was there live!  We took this pic and he declared "that was awesome!'.

and then he got these antlers and made us call him Sven the rest of the day.

Dec 3, 2014

Geek Tree Up

Our Geek tree is up!

This year's additions are a Sharknado ornament...

and a Doctor Who Weeping Angel tree topper, which I am totally smitten with.

Dec 2, 2014

Mental Mini Me

I was walking through Trader Joe's the other day with Tucker, honestly only half paying attention to what he was saying as I tried to remember what I needed.  He was asking me whether I preferred one flavor of something to another or some such comparison, and I absently responded I didn't know, because I hadn't had either.  I snapped back into the moment when Tucker sighed in frustration and snapped, "Mom!  Just try to make an educated guess!".  This kid.  We had his parent teacher conference recently, and at 8 years old he's now reading at a seventh grade level.  Educated, indeed!  He's so very smart and so very stubborn.  Whereas Jack looks more like me but behaves a lot like Richard, Tucker favors Richard in appearance but has a lot of my personality.  We often clash, he and I, because we are so very much alike.  It's often a battle of wits and will when it comes to Tucker and I and frankly, I'm afraid he's going to start winning!

Dec 1, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving with my family away from family, and had an awesome time.  As usual, I failed to take many pictures and ended up with just a few snapshots...

Jack in the food line.  I think this was the only time I saw him all night.

Tucker.  He insisted on "looking nice" and arrived in khakis and flip flops with a white button down and a bow tie, despite the ninety degree weather.  A few hours in, during a particularly wild game of freeze tag, he fell in the pool.  I could not keep a straight face as I led my soaked and hysterical child to the patio where we put him in a spare tee and a towel while his clothes dried.  Memory made!

Richard, apparently showing his new phone to my sista Shannon.

My sista Heather and I, smiling just right.

Nov 30, 2014

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

When I recently renewed my Paleo promise to myself, I decided that for the most part I would just maintain a Paleo household.  I do keep a loaf of sprouted bread around for Tucker and a jar of peanut butter for Jack to spread on apples, but those are about the only exceptions.  They eat lunch at school, so they're getting a crappy meal at least once a day.  They are also allowed to buy whatever crap they want with their own money but they can't bring crap home- so, for example, they can buy a soda at Target to walk around with, but cannot buy a 2 liter and bring it home.  I think it's the best way to ensure my own success, and I think it's the healthiest thing for them in the long run, too.

Tucker loves a little holiday baking, and was asking me to please make something with him.  We agreed on this Paleo Pumpkin Pie recipe from Elana's Pantry, which we made with the paleo pastry crust recipe from Against All Grain.

We did substitute coconut cream for coconut milk, because that's what I had on hand.

I had a taste and it was delicious, and tasted just like a traditional pumpkin pie.

I chilled the rest of the coconut cream and whipped it with some raw honey and vanilla for a sort of whipped cream topping.  After Tucker's first serving I stuck it in the freezer just to chill it, but forgot about it.  It froze and ended up being declared by Tucker to be "delicious vanilla ice cream"!

Nov 29, 2014


For the past twenty years, I have been exposed to a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.  Once, teenagers arrived at my house almost daily to sit around and play with my then boyfriend (now husband).  Now, my own son is older than they were then, and they are men...but still playing Dungeons and Dragons biweekly, the way some men play poker or get together for the ball game.  It is a tradition I have come to respect, and I have picked up my fair share of lingo and rules and knowledge over the many years- but I've never played, never gone so far as to roll that twenty sided dice myself.

Over the years, Richard has asked a few times, and recently when he mentioned it I surprised even myself by saying yes.  I immediately shopped online for my own pretty set of dice.  We have date night every Friday, so I declared that every other Friday would be a date out and every other Friday, a D&D date, just he and I at the table while he teaches me.

Last Friday, we settled in with snacks and pencil and dice and made me a character, and as I looked at the table I thought how we have melded over the years and learned from each other and let things fall away and learned what each values most and made those things are own.  Without him, I never would have found myself at my dining room table on a Friday night thinking up a name for my ranger, and although he'd likely be at a table role playing on a Friday night with or without me, he certainly wouldn't be snacking on frozen grapes and plantain chips dipped in guacamole.

and you know what?  We had a blast.