Nov 21, 2014


Sometimes you get so adjusted to the dusk that you don't realize until someone turns on a lamp that it had gotten dark.  At least, that happens to me.  That's sort of what happened to me with life the past many months.  I am not sure what happened, I just lost my mojo.  I got depressed.  When I get depressed, I eat crap, and eat I did - putting back on a very large chunk of the weight I had previously lost.  I was down the rabbit hole, and recently have had some news that threatened to push me way further down the rabbit hole.  I somehow, luckily, realized that making bad choices because I was upset about someone else's bad choices was not how I wanted to go down, so I decided it's time to start making better choices.  I took some advice from my best friend and let go of what I could not control and focused on what I can, which is my own actions and thoughts.  I cut the bad stuff loose, made a commitment to myself to focus on proper priorites, and started a whole 30 two weeks ago.  Things are on the upswing, and my reappearance to blogging is part of my self love.  I think it helps me to blog, it's good for my soul, and reminds me that life is worth living and worth documenting.

Nov 20, 2014

School Pics

Tucker's third grade pic.  He picked his own background.

Jack's official senior yearbook portrait.  His tie is his clan tartan, clan Murray.

Nov 19, 2014

Remembering Halloween

I'm just playing a little catch up.  This was pretty much me on Halloween, except my coffee was tea and my baby is eight.

Shopping center fire truck ride.

This is a guilt frappucino.  Richard is off on Fridays, and he was leaving on a business trip the next day, and we always go to the shopping center trick or treat at three on Halloween, so I took the day off.  We spent the day together, and told Tucker not to go to after school care and that we would pick him up after school.  I am embarrassed to admit what happens next, but I think it's important to share good and bad and be real so let me just let go and admit....It's been a long time since I picked him up after school.  He goes to after care now.  My kids go to different schools in different districts with different time schedules.  I apparently got confused because I was at home watching Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime and getting ready to head out when the school secretary called me because school had been out for twenty minutes and nobody had picked Tucker up.  Oh.  My.  God.  I went flying into that office full of apologies and declared myself the worst mother ever.  I was so mortified.  Mama likes a "walking around tea" as we call it, and we always get one to walk the shopping center, but Tucker had been told ahead of time that he was not going to get a starbucks treat along with all the halloween crap, but guilt threw that out the window and I bought him a frappucino.  I probably would have gotten him the coffee one if he asked.  He probably could have worked me for a new toy, too.  Or a car.  Luckily, he was happy with an apology and a creamy vanilla bean frap.

Ready to go!

Halloween selfie, my sweater has candy skull print so I look festive.

Richard and I went out for pizza for lunch, as I mentioned.  This was my sausage and mushroom with alfredo sauce. So good.  We had declared that we were returning to Paleo when he got back from his trip, as it has become obvious that my body and my health crave that lifestyle, so I was busy cramming in as much crap as I could in advance.

Jack's high school requires 40 hours of community service to graduate, and one of the ways they earn it is by volunteering at the elementary school fall festival.  This is Jack and his long time buddy Shawn selling drinks.

Tucker has been reading Harry Potter lately (we just had his parent teacher conference and he is reading at a seventh grade level at this point) so the costume was an obvious choice.  When he picked it he declared eagerly "and I already have the glasses!".  Perfect.

Nov 17, 2014

My Knave of Hearts

When Jack started his senior year, his schedule was so light that he was out of school for the day at 10:45.  We weren't cool with that, and Richard went down to the school and arranged for Jack's schedule to be a little fuller, adding tech theater and drama.  Jack ended up landing the role of Knave of Hearts in the school production of Alice in Wonderland.  They had three performances a week or two ago. As it turned out, Richard was working in Virginia when opening night came around, so Tucker and I attended.  Richard got back the next day, and he and his mom were able to attend the second performance, and then Tucker and I returned for the third and final performance.

Taking selfies waiting for the show.

A post show brotherly hug.  At intermission, you can buy candy grams for the performers - lollipops with a hand written note attached.  Tucker was very excited to send one to Jack, and he wrote his message himself.  Jack was very amused by it because little brother left out a letter, so his message read- "Dear Jack, You're doing god."

Pre show stage shot.  Jack did an awesome job every night, insisting that while the Queen of Hearts had some tarts, the knave of hearts did not steal them away!

Nov 16, 2014

Sick Week

I am going to try to every so slowly get back into blogging.  I'm starting by just surveying my phone for pics to share, and the first one I had was this from earlier in the week.  Tucker spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday puking and sleeping, and I stopped cleaning puke long enough to snap this pic of him asleep on the ottoman.

Sep 21, 2014

The Haps

Lately I've been pretty run down.  Just basically sick and stressed and tired and blah.  I think it's partly poor diet, partly the extreme heat, partly a sinus infection, partly Tucker going through a very annoying tantrum and entitlement phase, partly worry over not being able to reach a friend, all mixed together with the actual stress of back to school and knowing Rich is probably being laid off and just trying to make ends meet and get everything done day to day.

I think the most productive thing I've done is to clean up my closet.

This is so me.

We are pretty much settled into the fall schedule.  This will be Jack's last year of high school, and I am going to miss our Wednesday morning late start day time together.

Tantrum in progress.

A few moment's peace as Tucker and Einstein relax under the window fan with a little Harry Potter.

I'm learning that adults go through phases just like kids, and I'm definitely in one!  I'm really looking forward to cooler weather and I'm working on learning to "let go" and enjoy the moment!